Lenculenstraat 18, 6211 KR Maastricht
+31 43 321 25 21

arriving by car

Pay attention, Lenculenstraat is a one-way street which you can enter by car from the east (Kapoenstraat). You can stop in front of the hotel, unload your luggage and get directions to the nearest parking spot.

arriving by public transport

Within 7 minutes the busses 3/4 & 9 take you from the Maastricht main station to bus stop: Papenstraat which is only a 2 minute walk from the Hotel.


It's impossible to get bored, here are a few tips to enhance your stay
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Beside the art collection inside the hotel, there are also several museums you can visit.

Like the Bonnefanten museum, museum a/h Vrijthof & the Natural History Museum, to name few.

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Explore the city centre like the small boutiques in Wyck or the fancy shops in the Stokstraat.

Cross the border to Belgium on Sunday morning to visit the wonderful antique market in Tongeren.

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The Bourgondique lifestyle of the Maastricht population brings you a wide range of good restaurant serving tasteful dishes with a French touch.

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We're surrounded by nature and therefor great for all kind of outdoor activities.

Like cycling, walking and there are a wide range of golf courses.

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The Maastricht area is so old, there where even remains of Neanderthalers found here! Several museums and the public library offer you a sneak peek in the history of this city.

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Maastricht is not far from the "3-landen-punt". Make your trip worthwhile and visit 3 countries at the same time!